Once Upon a Time in Paris

It happened that day when we had a fight with my husband. My friend, having listened to my grief, suggested going to Paris for a week. Without thinking twice, I agreed. When we arrived she rented a room for a married couple telling me that it was so cheaper. Once back from the shops, we tried on underwear. she said that I have a beautiful body, even very sexy! after that I went to the bath. Alla knocked on me and entered.
     “Can you rub the back?” She asked, smiling, and I did not refuse. She started gently stroking my back with a washcloth, and then laying it on a table shelf gently stroking my back. I realized what she was driving at. Alla gently lowered his hands on the back ... She stroked my buttocks ... .... and then she said we’ll continue in the morning. I do not understand.
     In the morning I got up and saw that Alla was already going to the store and bought a drunk!
     “You know, I wanted to try this for so long!” Said Alla and kissed me. Then she undressed in with a smile on her face spread my legs! Then she began to gently lick my cunt for me, then she lubricated the dildo with some kind of cream and, having felt my hole with a finger, she began to put the dildo in me. At first I did not understand what she was doing, and then I felt VERY nice. She kept increasing the pace. Pushing him here and there! I'm so excited !!!! Then she asked me to stand up to her ass. She oiled her and entered me again! I was sooooooooooooooooo! Samotyk was very long, not like my husband's much longer and wider. I cried out in surprise. And Alka apparently liked it because she began to move them quickly.
     “Now you please me!” Alla said and gave me the WAND!
     She spread her legs and tilted my head to her pussy. At first I did not dare, but then ... .. I wanted to taste her juice of love. I licked her pussy, biting her labia. SHE closed her eyes moaning. I began to stick a dildo into her cunt. I moved him like a real MEMBER. She finished, and smiling she said that tomorrow we’ll buy a lot of toys and have SUPER sex !!!

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