Nice party

My name is Zhenia. I am a brunette, 25 years old. More than anything, I love to fuck.
      What I want to write about has happened to me recently. My fiancé, Arthur, is always busy. He always goes somewhere, now to Europe, then to the Middle East or to China. Sometimes he is not at home for weeks. At first, such separation gave us a lot of grief, but then we got used to it and began to fuck like monkeys. Quickly, how come. Arthur has a huge cock. When I put my hand on him, she barely covers half her cock. This is the largest member I have ever seen. In any case, the last time he was at home, we fucked more than thirty times. This is about three to three and a half days. Tell me, what is not a record?
      The fact is that I can never finish if I excite myself alone. I can feel the buzz, masturbating the clitoris, but I will finish only when the real male member enters me as deep as possible. It is my problem. More than three weeks have passed since his last return. And he was supposed to come somewhere else in two weeks. That day he called me and we chatted about how good it was during our last meeting. He was in the hotel room and told me in detail how swollen his cock was, how big and solid he became while we were talking. He said how he wants me at this moment.
      Everything got wet between my legs, I was sitting at home on the sofa. I spread my legs wide and lifted my skirt. Two fingers were inside the vagina. Arthur suddenly asked me: “Do you want now, baby? Do you need a big, excited dick immersed in your vagina? ”I groaned. He asked if I was thinking about fucking with someone else while he was not at home. I had to admit that I thought about it, but did nothing. “Good,” he said, “I will not come home in just three weeks.” I know you can't cum without a real dick. Why don’t you go and find someone for one night. ”Such an offer unsettled me. I asked Arthur how he would feel about it. He replied that he could masturbate. Already, his semen is sprayed all over the room. And if I sleep with someone, then our love will not become less from this, but I’ll probably become happier.
      I felt uneasy. Maybe Arthur was filming some women during his absences. But for two and a half years of our life together, I did not notice any signs of treason. I directly asked Arthur if he had anyone during this time. He replied no. But the thought of me fucking with someone else really excites him.
      I thought, “Be your way!” Friday was the first opportunity. That day, a friend of mine, Suzanne, invited me to a party hosted by her advertising company. I put on a short black dress and sexy bikini-type panties. Suzanne was about my age, she had dark hair to her shoulders. She worked as the chief economist at this agency. In the evening, she was also dressed very sexy. The two of us looked like two upscale whores.
      The party was organized in one of the restaurants. A hundred people. We went to the bar. Along the way, Susanna greeted someone endlessly and introduced me to her colleagues. The last were two young men who came from somewhere in the Far East. They came to make a deal with the agency about some kind of advertisement for their airlines. One of them, Mark, was a pleasant 33-year-old businessman. He told us that he was married to a Danish woman who stayed at home. His friend, Jan, immediately began to flirt with Suzanne. Towards the end of the evening, four people caught a taxi and arrived at one of the posh hotels in central New York. We went up to Mark's room. It was a huge, bright room with a huge bed. On the right was the door to the bathroom,
to the left is another door. Later I found out that this is Jan’s room.
      Susan and I apologized and went to the bathroom. There she asked me:
      - Which one do you choose?
      “I don't care,” I answered. Then, without realizing the report in words, I added. “I want to fuck them two.”
      Suzanne looked at me and smiled.
      We returned to the room. The door to Jan’s room was open, Mark was lying on the bed, staring at the TV. He greeted us with a barely noticeable nod. A waiter knocked on the door and entered with a bottle of very expensive champagne on a tray and four glasses. Mark paid and opened the bottle. He filled the glasses and put the bottle in an ice bucket.
      “Where is Jan?” asked Susanna. “I want to take his glass to him.”
      “In his room,” Mark answered.
      Suzanne disappeared behind the door, leaving me alone with a mysterious stranger.
      - For you! - Mark raised his glass.
      - For you! I repeated.
      I sat down on the bed, sipping champagne.
Mark turned off the TV. He stood up and sat at my feet. I sat down too, he hugged me by the neck, pulled his face to us and we froze in an endless, sensual kiss. He stroked my leg, getting closer and closer to where they were waiting for him. I spread my legs even wider. I really wanted to fuck! Finally, his hand penetrated between the labia. The panties were completely wet.
      Then we had to get up to undress. He took off his pants, shirt. When it came to cowards, his gorgeous, swollen dick stared straight at me.
      I could not stand it anymore. Leaving the clothes on the floor, I went back to bed. Mark lay between his legs, began to kiss my waiting for his pussy.
      Then he sat on me, bringing his chic organ to my lips. I took it whole. Mark with his right hand managed to caress me between my legs. I did not look at Mark. Suddenly he suddenly said: - Hello, Jan, hello, Susie!
      I opened my eyes, keeping Mark out of my mouth. Susanna stood at the base of the bed. She was without a dress, in red stockings and very open panties. I’m not a lesbian, but Susanne’s seductive look, her dark bush and reddened labia made me think: “I wonder what taste in her such mouth-watering pussy?”
      It is possible that thoughts were written on my face. Because Mark immediately slipped away from me, and Susannah hung over me. I gladly caressed her clit. Then Susanna turned. She herself began to caress my pussy. Her tongue repeated every movement of mine.
      Then I felt a hand stroking my buttocks. My legs were wide apart and someone's fingers penetrated deep into me. It must have been Mark or Jan, I was indifferent, only very nice. I was in seventh heaven.
      Later I realized that it was still Jan, and Mark excited Susanna. He stood above her and did the same as Jan. Then Mark lay on his back. His cock stood exactly perpendicular to the bed. Susannah, forgetting everything else, climbed up on him, swallowing his organ with her vagina. Ian also joined them, giving Susanne the opportunity to do both blow job at the same time.
      “Oh, Lord,” the girlfriend moaned, “come on, come on, more!”
      I was shocked. I often saw such scenes in films when Arthur and I took to watch some porn movie. But in life - for the first time!
      I realized that I’m holding two fingers in the vagina, and with my other hand I firmly squeeze my own ...
chest. I wanted to fuck! This second! And as much as possible!
      Suddenly, Suzanne screamed: - Oh, I'm ending! Oooh oooh!
      But neither Jan nor Mark have reached the same state. They both left Susanna, who rolled to the edge of the bed. Two members were as hard as stone. Unable to tolerate anymore, I sat on Mark's cock, just like Susanna had done before. Then I felt Jan’s cock on my face. Eagerly, I opened my mouth as wide as possible and swallowed as much as fit there. Mark brought me closer to a state of orgasm with every move.
      I started screaming, moaning, yelling - and ending. A thin strip of underpants, which I never had time to take off, was pushed off to the side somewhere. She was all wet. I thought that I would keep these panties until Arthur arrived. I want to go to bed with him in the same panties. My orgasm seemed endless. I continued to do my best not to let Jan out. He approached the state of orgasm every second. Finally it happened. I just had time to swallow sperm. It seemed to me that it was several liters. What I could not swallow, I threw it on my chest.
      Susanna and I stayed at the hotel all night. We drank all the champagne and fucked in every possible way. It seemed to me that this went on forever.
      My Arthur should be arriving in a few weeks. When he returns, I will tell you how he will react to everything, that he will say that he will feel.


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