My job

Two years ago, I got a job as a secretary in a solid company. Before hiring, I had to sign a contract. There was also a point on how I should dress. In trousers I could not go to work. Such an agreement was signed with the boss of this company. I had to go to work in a skirt or board, wear tights or stockings, and if in a skirt, then a white blouse is required. The chef always liked women, he always wanted to creep under their skirt, but somehow he held on. Every morning he always checked how I was dressed. When I came to work, I needed to go to his office, I had to turn to the sides, then lift up my skirt and show which jersey I was wearing, what bra I had. When I started to work with nevo a lot, one day I donned not white panties and a bra, but a bodily color. So he gave me money and a signal to the store so I bought new white panties and a bra. I bought beautiful lace panties and a beautiful bra for the money. When I came from the store he called me and I had to change his lower whiteness before him. At first I refused, but he said either I would do it now or get absenteeism and get out of work, because I came dressed not according to the contract. Well, I got scared and began to dress in front of him. And he sat and watched as I do. From that moment I always came dressed dressed according to the charter, he checked me and I went to work in my place.
     Once sitting at the table there was no reason to do something. The work that had to be done was done and sat without work. There were no clients, it was empty, only the chef was in the office. On the table was a plastic bottle of glue. She was fifteen centimeters long and three centimeters wide. Very similar to a member. I looked at this bottle, my husband had been on a business trip for two days, then she put her hand under her skirt and began to stroke her pussy through her panties. Legs slightly spread to the sides of the shtob lekce was. I was pleased my body relaxed. Then I moved to the side of my panties and took this bottle with kay and put it on my pussy. She began to twist, rub in her pussy. Then she put a little pressure on her and the bottle passed under the lips of her pussy, twisted to the sides and pressed again and she began to slide into the vagina, the body trembled with satisfaction. I twisted it again and pressed it again. Finally, she almost disappeared, leaving the very small end of the bottle. And then I twisted it into the vagina. Suddenly, the door began to open, I didn’t know where to leave a bottle of glue there, well, almost all of it was well. I didn’t have time to correct Trusikov yet, she just brought her knees down, sat down normally and straightened her skirt. When the client entered, I sat normally, my hands were on the table, and I was red with a trembling body from fright, and from satisfaction. The client asked the boss to eat, I said yes and he went to him. When I entered, I wanted to remove the bottle from me, spread my legs and then the chef called me to him. I urgently need to print something, so I got up from the glue bottle in my pussy and started to go to the chef, she moved there and I was afraid that the shtob would not vypal. I lifted the circuit board in front of the chef's office and straightened her panties. Now they held the bottle and she could not help but fall. But all the same it was strange to walk, straightened her skirt and went in to the chef. My heart was pounding, my body was trembling, and I walked like a whacker. She tried to keep her legs wide open. The boss noticed that something was wrong, he asked me, but I said that everything will pass. Well then, sit down and print here. The client was sitting at the table. I went to the chair and began to sit down, but as soon as I sat on the chair I didn’t cry out, I just took my lips to my teeth and said nothing. When I sat down, the bottle entered my pussy to the full depth and even reached the uterus because in my stomach I sensed that the bottle rested in the uterus. I felt this feeling once at home once. I sat down and was afraid to move, started to print, my body trembled and was very difficult to concentrate. There was a lot to print, and when I finished it, the work was already over. When she finished she handed over to the boss documents, got up, it became easier for me and went to the door. He looked at me like that, but I did not understand.
When she came in from the chef’s office, she went to the mirror immediately and looked. My skirt was in the place where my cunt touched wet while wet. There was a stain. I blushed in front of myself and quickly went to the toilet. She lifted her skirt, lowered her panties. They were completely wet, an elixir from my cunt ran through her stockings. Everything was wet. I spread my legs to the sides, crouched. But it wasn’t convenient to blame the bottle. Then I laid one foot on the sink and with my fingers began to crawl into my vagina. With two fingers she found the end of the bottle and began to blame it. The body trembled, and when half the bottle had already been removed, cramps started, the body twitched. I couldn’t stand as I was left on my feet and just flopped to the ground. Twenty minutes passed when I came to my senses. There was a puddle, the panties were wet on the ground, the stockings too, but they were on me. I looked at the pile pussy, there was still a bottle sticking out, I removed it and put it in the rakavina which was just homely. Then she got up, her legs trembled, could not stand on her hairpins, and I took off. Toilet paper began to clean her feet from elixir, rubbing her pussy. She was very sensitive, when she touched her, she was struck by electric shock in her body. Then she took her panties and began to put them on wet, but when she put them on her knees she took toilet paper and put it as a gasket, then she finished putting it on. It turned out fine, but my pussy was really big, because I probably put a lot of paper on it. But when I was standing it wasn’t visible, it was only when I was leaning that my pussy was squeezing out of my skirt. But the work was already over and the doida thought to the house. She put on her shoes, lowered her skirt and slowly hung out of the toilet.
     When she came to the table and bent to take nags from the closet from the back, her hand immediately reached under my skirt and grabbed my panties. Since they were very uplifted by paper, he did a good job. I turned my head and looked, it was my boss. He lingered after work seeing that I was gone. He holding my panties with his hands from behind me under the skirt began to pull me into his office. Since he was pulling me from the back, my panties with all the paper crashed into my pussy and I felt pain, I had to go back behind him. Entered the office, he closed the door with a key, I reached the table. You made me ashamed today in front of the guest, now I’ll teach you a little culture. He pulled my panties raw and they tore. Toilet paper was boiling, he looked at me, turned me around and laid me on his stomach on the table, his legs remained on the ground. He pulled up my skirt, spread my legs with my legs and put a finger into my pussy. Yes, you and now all wet, I heard how he unfastened his belt. Hands I wanted to grab his stick but did not have time, the chef grabbed my hand and immediately twisted it in my back, and after a short pause a stake entered my pussy from the raw material. I moaned, everything hurt me there, and now I’m looking for a boss and stick a stick at me. He drove it to the end, now I was screaming. But there was no one around and he paid no attention to it. He moved in vain and kept repeating all the time, you will know how to dishonor me. Moisture flowed from my cunts over my leg. There was a new wave of pleasure coming to me, now I was already moaning plainly and the peak of pleasure was approaching. My legs began to tremble, and it darkened in my eyes, the last thing I still remember was how a jet from the chef hit my pussy. He finished in great time. After about half an hour, I came to my senses. The whole body was nil from everything happening. The chef was sitting in his chair and I continued to lie still on the table. As before, the skirt was tucked up. When the chief got to her feet, he pointed to the chair that stood next to me. Sit down, he said, and I sat down without panties, just straightened my skirt. The boss started talking, he said, if you want to work for me, then it happened today, you will not tell anyone, he paid well for the work. I agreed with him; my husband will also not say anything at all. I said good. I was very weak at that time and I absolutely said the chief agreed. And yet, before work, I will check you further, but now I have to ... I will put the panty liner in my office.
This will need to be done before work, and he will then observe it, the shtob has not recurred any current cases. And with that I agreed. And yet, when the chief wants to, he will fuck me and let me down, for he has added a patch for me, and quite a lot. UTB said for the purchase of underwear, as I had to go to work every day in new underwear. And the gaskets will be in his office, there I changed them.
     After all, he said I had gone from his office. The panties were torn and I could not put them on. I needed to go home without panties, so I left home, holding my skirt with my hands, and the wind didn’t lift it. It all happened when I worked for the company only one month. At home I went to the van and washed myself in the shower, then went to bed, it was a very difficult day.
     In the morning I dressed as I needed and went to work, immediately the chef called to his office and began to check on what I was in, put the gasket on the table and I had to put it in his panties in front of him. He carefully watched UTB, as I do UTB, as I put it in my panties. And this is my first month of work. The boss fucked me when he wanted to, he just visited the office and began to command, lies on the table or on the sofa, or just stripped. He lowered into me, shtob not to stain the carpet, so he said. I work there too.

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