In the country

Late in the evening, my parents once informed me that they would have to go to the cottage with Uncle Valera and Aunt Natasha, that was the name of our relatives, since the apartment was already renovated, and there was no need to go to school. In principle, I didn’t particularly protest, knowing that Uncle Valera often left for the city, and only Aunt Natasha remained in the country, who was a true crest - full breasts, slim legs and a slightly plump, bulging body. And here is the day of departure and I am at the cottage 30 km from the city where Uncle Valera and Aunt Natasha spend their holidays.
     By this time, I had already begun to be intensely interested in the female sex and in the evenings I could not fall asleep, so as not to masturbate before going to bed. Aunt Natasha met us in an ordinary housecoat, because of which coarse underwear looked out. “Come in, come in, lead the guest,” she greeted me smiling, “well, nephew, settle down in the numbers.”
     Numera is a small room on the second floor, while she and her husband live on the first. There are no conveniences in the country house - more precisely, there is, but the toilet is in the garden and every time I need to go downstairs to relieve the need. Sometimes, going down there in the late afternoon, I hear from the room on the ground floor, which at the same time serves as the kitchen and bedroom, the aunts and sighs of Aunt Natasha and Uncle Volodya are heard. From such spectacles, I immediately get up and therefore in the toilet, in addition to coping with my natural needs, I also satisfy my sexual hunger.
     Once in the kitchen I helped Aunt Natasha peel potatoes and accidentally saw a white strip of panties between her legs. From what I saw, I immediately wanted to go to the toilet, I left the knife on the floor and went out into the garden. Closing the toilet door, I took my household out of the shorts and began to intensify my hand movements, remembering the white triangle that suddenly opened to me from under the floor of the dressing gown. I was gradually approaching the stage when I lowered into a dug hole, when the door suddenly opened and I saw Aunt Natasha at the entrance. “Oh, sorry, I forgot that you went out here,” she said, intending to slam the doors, but then her eyes fell on my own by itself. “Oh, you’ve already grown up, my boy,” she said. “Do you think about girls?” She raised her eyes inquiringly. I nodded in the affirmative, not wanting to reveal the secret of my imagination. “Well, fill up your pants and go to the house,” she said, apparently having forgotten about her visits to the toilet, “I’ll show you something.”
     With protruding shorts, I trudged into the house. Aunt Natasha walked in front, holding my hand. Entering the house, she turned to me. “Have you ever slept with girls,” she asked. I shook my head. “Well, do you even know what to do?” She asked with a grin. “Well, yes,” I answered in an expressionless manner. At these words, Aunt Natasha turned her back and bent down, lay on the table, while her rather large ass was at the level of my protruding member. “Now, wait,” she said, and pulled up the dressing gown. “Pull it up!” She said, pointing to her underpants. I slowly and not believing my eyes, pulled down a cotton cloth. After the treasured white triangle fell to the floor, Aunt Natasha opened her buttocks, exposing her pussy with redness from excitement. “Come on, nephew, at least learn something during the summer holidays,” she said. She did not have to repeat twice, and soon I was already confidently taking my cock back and forth, holding on to her buttocks and making her sigh periodically. Soon, I already felt the oncoming wave and violently finished.
     “Well, nephew,” she turned to face me, putting on her work and straightening her dressing gown. - “Let's move on to peeling potatoes?”

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