I was 16 years old when this happened

In the summer I often went to the country. Usually we went with my boyfriend (now he is my husband). My parents did not mind - we were supervised. The cottage village belonged to the Academy, so the elders were not afraid for us at all, the guys and I often walked until the morning. But that night my boyfriend went home. I went to the party. There were about 10 guys and girls, but gradually they all diverged, I and three guys remained: Victor, Oleg and Sergey. Moreover, Sergei showed me attention all evening. I never cheated on my boyfriend, was humble, and did not know how to behave. Vitya and Oleg were about to go to bed. The dacha belonged to Sergey's ancestors, they were not there, and he offered to stay with him to sleep. The guys agreed, but I refused. Sergey volunteered to accompany me, Vitya and Oleg went into the house. It was about midnight.
     Nevertheless, we decided not to go right away. They said they drank wine. I stood with my hands on the railing of the veranda, when I felt Sergey touch my priest with my fingertips, not ceasing to tell something. My breath caught, but I did not move. He acted gently, but confidently. Except for the future husband, no one has treated me like that. His fingers stroked through the dress the very bottom of my priest, then rising slightly, then lowering to the crotch. He stopped talking, but I stood leaning on the veranda, only arched more strongly. I was pleased with his affection, no one saw us. I did not think that I would allow more.
     Sergey openly squeezed my buttock with two fingers. I sighed and turned to him. We began to kiss. He stroked my body, first through the dress - chest, hips, then his hand was under the dress, penetrated under her panties. I stopped controlling myself. Surrendering to my instinct, I eagerly felt his cock, penetrating under the jeans. He suddenly pulled away and told me to undress, he himself lowered his jeans and sat on a chair. I obeyed - took off my dress, shoes and panties. At the same time, I was embarrassed, but the sight of his standing member deprived me of self-control. I walked over, sat on my knees and began to suck. I sucked for the first time, slightly biting and swallowing only the head. Sergey took my ears and began to move, forcing me to swallow deeper. It was very nice to feel his cock in his mouth, only there wasn’t enough air.
     Suddenly, someone behind me took my hips. Sergei did not allow me to look back, hands raised my butt, a member easily penetrated into the vagina. I just mumbled and tried to twirl my booty, but it was too late. It became somehow strange indifferent and pleasant at the same time, I again arched. The movement of the penis made the vagina vibrate.
     Meanwhile, Sergey groaned, squeezed his hands harder. Hot sperm flowed into my mouth, I tried to swallow, but it flowed out, flowed down my lips and chin. Behind the movement, too, accelerated, it was all nicer. Now I began to moan. Sergey left, they fucked me from behind, I did not know who. Soon I felt sperm coming out inside me - the guy had finished.
     Oleg came up - now I could see that he and Victor were here - put me on my back on the sofa. I did not resist anymore. He spread my legs wider, lay on top of me and introduced a member. His cock rubbed my clitoris with movements, I moaned with pleasure. For the first time in my life, I began to approach an orgasm. I tried to snuggle closer to him, I wanted to squeeze my legs, I wrapped my arms around him and raised my hips so that the cock touched inside to the bottom of the vagina. Sergey again gave me his cock in my mouth. At that moment I finished, twitching and mooing. Oleg, ending, took out a dick, sperm poured on my stomach.
     I wanted to relax, but Sergey laid me on the table, put my legs on his shoulders and fucked for about 10 minutes, in the end, I got horny again, and when he began to crumple and pinch my nipples, moaned sharply from pain and pleasure, an orgasm came in a minute .
     They dressed, but I lay naked on the table for about 5 minutes, recovering. Then she wiped herself with a towel, dressed, and went home. No one thought to accompany. Immediately I felt very ashamed. The next morning I left for the city. I still do not understand how I could allow this, what happened to me then. I was not drunk, I was not raped. I never met any of those guys. There was nothing like that anymore.
     Now I am 26. Until now, with this memory, I am ashamed. ... And it becomes warm in the lower abdomen.

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