First time

I return to the past several years ago when I started to masturbate and did it in a rather unusual way. I was 13 years old, and in the summer I received football shorts made of soft, smooth, shiny material as a gift. I thought they were the finest shorts I have ever had.
     But for some reason I got an erection whenever I put them on.
     One day that summer, I decided to go swimming in my favorite shorts.
     Naturally, I put them on my naked body. As soon as I put them on, I, as usual, got a member. But this time there was something new and unusual - there was an amazing feeling of touching smooth material on my naked dick. I remember that I lay on my back on my bed (I used to do this in order to wait for the erection to pass) and began to wait, but instead, suddenly for myself, I suddenly rolled over on my stomach and began to rub a member through my shorts about my bed. I rubbed up and down, up and down. My dick was never heavier and bigger than at that moment. He swelled. He grew and rose. Up and down. Up and down. I rubbed against the bed. I have never felt so good. Suddenly, I felt a tingling sensation in my penis and a strong trembling throughout my body. And then I felt an explosion in my shorts - I began to lose control of my body, a huge stream of thick white liquid shot from my cock and flooded my football shorts.
     When after a few seconds I came to my senses and rolled over on my back, I saw a huge wet, shiny spot on my shorts. This spot looked very beautiful and unusual.
     Since then, I began to masturbate in shorts very often, sometimes even several times a day, because it was so nice. I masturbated in the same shorts or in other soccer shorts that I began to acquire after this incident.
     To be continued…

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