Once, my wife and I won a ticket to a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea on the ship Taras Shevchenko. The cabins were very comfortable: a 2-level bed with a ladder to the top, a small table and a sofa along the window (porthole) facing the walking deck. Also in the room was a sink. Toilets and showers are located separately, but in such numbers that their absence in the room did not create any problems. The audience on the boat was boring: married couples over middle age from Siberia, pensioners, etc. On the entire ship, eyes could be laid on only one young girl of the oriental type: swarthy, with long black hair, almond-colored eyes and a plump ass. Her name was Gulya. I don’t know why, but she was alone and walked “as restless” - there were no free men. When she passed by in a bar, or bathed in a swimming pool in a swimsuit that did not hide, but only emphasized her forms: I lifted my breasts, dug in with a thin strip and outlined the ass in relief, I constantly looked at her with desire. Once, sitting in a chaise lounge and sunbathing, I noticed that Guli had small red abrasions on her lower back on her vertebrae. My wife was the same after we in the cabin fucked on a hard carpet. So, someone on the ship has this eastern beauty. And then one evening I went to the shower. Oddly enough, the booths were occupied by all but one. I was about to go in and close the door behind me, when Gulya came in, assessed the situation, and asked me to give in to her turn. She was with her hair loose in a short dressing gown. I said come on, take a shower together. She did not answer and went into the booth. I followed her and closed the door, turned on the warm water. Turning to her, I hugged her, began to kiss on the lips. She answered the kiss and she began to kiss and caress me with oriental temperament and passion. I threw back her hair and slightly bit her graceful ear, Gulya groaned, grabbed my hair with one hand, and with the other hand in the ass and pressed me to her. I started kissing and nibbling on the delicate neck, pulled the robe off my shoulders and started kissing the round shoulder, tongue licking the ear and neck. Gulya started up more and more. I lowered her robe completely: she was absolutely naked. Continuing to kiss, I squeezed her round ass and pressed it to me. All her butt was sticky, pubis and stomach, tightly pressed to me, too, were all slippery and wet. She just got fucked and cum on her stomach and ass! Gulya did not pay attention to my second confusion and continued to fall for me. I pushed her away from me, unfolded my back, pressed against the wall. Streams of water flowed down her body. I put two fingers in her crack, and I began to tear off my clothes. He went up to her, raised her leg and stuck his rising member in her wet swollen cave. She moaned, and I went into it with all my strength to the full extent. Very soon, I felt that I was about to finish. I stepped out of her, put her on her knees, opened her mouth and finished there. She moved her pink tongue, part of the sperm flowed down her chin, and part she swallowed.

Without talking, we began to lather each other, rubbed against each other with slippery bodies, I lather and deep
penetrated with fingers into her freshly fucked cave, fingered the clitoris, thrust fingers deeply into the elastic cave between the chubby halves of the ass. She caressed my penis with a soapy hand, then knelt down and began to caress my cock with her soft breasts, took it in her mouth. I finished at the moment when my head was clamped by her luxurious hemispheres. The jet hit her neck, glass on her chest and a hollow between them. I quickly washed myself and went out, while she continued to smear sperm with her eyes closed over her body. Since then, we fucked almost every night in the shower. It was, however, cramped and not very convenient. I began to come to Gula after I had my wife, and forced her to lick my wet cock, smeared with sperm and lubricant from my half. Once Gulya took revenge on me. She came in as always, undressed and got cancer, invitingly and lustfully shaking her hips. I got up instantly. I grabbed her ass and stuck my penis in the cracked crack. I slipped easily: her bosom was already well designed and expanded by more than one member. My penis filled her, and foreign sperm sprinkled from her: she was full to the brim. My head slid in it, squelching and champing there. I left her and forced to lick my cock. So I went in and out of her, and she licked everything until I finished in her. Then I sat on the wet floor and jerked off my cock, getting ready for the next round, and she danced in front of me, smoothly bending her beautiful body, which I wanted to fuck the whole thing. She stood above me, and from the slit in which my penis had just been, her warm urine poured onto my chest, flowing down my stomach and penis. I cum on her foot. Then I urinated on her: on her chest, inserted a penis into the pussy and urinated on it, on the anus. We never talked or greeted her. They pretended not to know each other. I did not notice that she knew any of the men on the ship at all. Already at the end of the voyage, I went to her room. She closed the door, took off her dressing gown, lay down on the floor and, spreading her legs wide apart, began to excite herself with her hands (stroking and pinching the clitoris, stroking her breasts). I undressed and lay between her legs, she immediately wrapped her arms and legs around me, grabbed a member with her hand and thrust it into herself. She wriggled beneath me like an eel. I grabbed her hands and pressed her firmly to the floor. The first time I fucked her from above. I held her tightly, not letting her move in my rhythm, and I imposed my own: slow and malleable: I’m going out completely from her and rubbing a member against her lips and clitoris, then I immerse her full length. I liked her defenselessness. She was beneath me, all open to my caresses, I could do whatever I wanted with her. At first she tried to break free and move faster, but then she reconciled and only languidly moaned with each immersion in her excited member. I feel that my strength is at the limit, I put my penis in Gulina's hands and ended in her palms. Then I sat on the couch, and she jumped on my penis, and behind the window a meter and a half from us people were walking. Then she climbed the stairs and, holding on to her hands, was not sitting on my cock. I stood below, and she dressed on my oiled penis with a lascivious crack, then with a tight ass hole. I really liked the cruise.

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