Country sketch

It was a surprisingly cool summer morning. Climbing the steps of the house, Alena knocked on the door. No one answered. Dimkin’s mother must have left for the city, she thought, and now he is alone.
     They met two months ago at the university, when the semester was about to end and it was necessary to start thinking about exams. Alena completed the first course of the philological faculty, Dimka - the third mathematical. Despite the beautiful and stormy romance, somehow surprisingly warm and trusting relationships quickly developed, they did not fail the exams, and even passed them very successfully. To the indescribable pleasure of both, it turned out that the cottages of their parents were out of town in the same cottage village and not far from each other, which promised a promising summer.
     Alena quietly entered the room - Dima was sleeping. He was lying on his stomach, with his hands under the pillow and turning his head slightly to the side. Alena saw that the blanket was wrapped up and Dima’s bare feet stuck out from under it. Morning sun rays fell on them, and from this sole glowed with a beautiful yellowish-orange light. Alena came closer, knelt down and began to examine the feet of her twenty-year-old friend. The feet were strong, cleanly washed. Although Dima was by no means a village guy, but rather corresponded to the textured image of a “student”, the skin on his soles was very hardened and had a yellowish tint in those places that come into contact with the ground when walking. The girl suddenly became possessed by an irresistible desire to touch these legs, and she did this, first touching the back of her feet. The skin was dry, smooth, but a little rough from the constant action of the sun and wind; small folds of skin and wrinkles were whitish in places. Then Alena rubbed her palm over the sole ... Here the skin was dry and stiff.
     “How many bare feet have walked on the ground!” Alena thought, and, sitting on the floor, began to examine her left leg, laying it on her right thigh. The skin on her sole was smooth, the heel was pink. Switching to the guy again, she climbed a finger under his very toes, tickled there - Dima lifted his foot a little, but continued to sleep - and began to slowly descend to the heel. The delicate skin between the fingers quite abruptly passed into the corpus callosum beneath them (where the weight falls when standing on tiptoe), on which there were areas slightly less and coarser. In the middle of the sole, where the foot forms the arch, the skin was smooth because it did not touch the ground. Alena carefully felt the guy's heels - the skin on the heels was stiff, calloused, although on the sides they somehow immediately turned into rather thin. - My Dima has heels like hooves! - a thought flashed in her head, and then for some reason she experienced some pride.
     Suddenly, blood rushed to the girl’s head, her heart pounded as if it was about to
jump out. Not understanding what she was doing, Alena leaned towards Dima’s right leg and touched her lips directly to the skin under her fingers. The girl’s tender, moist lips felt even more clearly the hardened hard skin of the guy’s foot. She ran her lips a little to the side - and felt a pleasant roughness. Still not understanding what was happening, obeying some unknown attracting force, Alena began to kiss Dima's legs. From this, she felt that heat was pouring through her body, not even heat, but heat - heat, which began to roll on her in pleasant waves. Poorly controlling herself, Alena strewn with kisses the washed, strong, hardened feet of the guy and, apparently, increasing the intensity of the touch, woke him up. Dima started, wiggled his fingers, turned his head back and blinked his eyes, not understanding what was happening.
     - Alenka? What are you doing here? he said, shook his head, and sat on the bed, his left foot under his arm.
     “I came to tell you good morning,” Alena answered, embarrassed. - And your legs got out from under the blanket - I wanted to correct it. And after a moment of silence, she added: Dima, you have oak leather on the soles! You can probably walk on the coals?
     - I don’t know about the coals, - Dima laughed and rustled his hand on his sole. - This is because I have been barefoot since childhood.
     - At first, was it difficult for you to run barefoot? - asked Alena.
     “First, yes.” He walked as if mice bite my heels. He poked up almost every day ... Mom cursed. Then my skin was so roughened that no glasses and thorns could dig into the soles. I even went on a bet on asphalt strewn with glass - and nothing! The boys from our yard secretly envied me and, when the opportunity arises, tried to touch my heels ... Why are you asking about this, deer?
     “Will you teach me how to walk barefoot?” - Alena timidly said instead of an answer, smiling, hearing her beloved “deer”, and stroking her hand pleasantly hard Dima’s sole.
     “Of course I will, my sun,” he answered. - Give me your leg.
     Alena sat down on the bed and put both legs of Dima on her knees. Dima stroked her beautiful legs and ankles, lifts her feet, long fingers, and then began to stroke and study the soles.
     - Tit will be a little rough for you at first, - said Dima, and Alena saw that he was aroused, - the skin is now quite soft. But I think that everything will be normal. I’m next to you, Alyonushka.
      He passionately kissed the girl on the lips and hugged her.
      “Yes, Dim ... I love you!” - answered Alena, snuggling up to the guy ...
      Two hours later they left the country house barefoot and headed along a dirt road towards the forest ...

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