Cleaning lady

When, in 1995, I worked at a factory, a new cleaning lady came to our workshop. I was always a little sexually preoccupied and immediately began to look with interest at her. She was a slender, beautiful, middle-aged woman. She often came to our nook to smoke and we chatted with her about this and that. My friend hinted that it would be nice for us to have a drink together, and then I suddenly said that my birthday is next week; and we agreed to mark it not work.
      Finally, the long-awaited day came, and after the first half of the day we settled down in the master’s room, placing glasses on the table and hiding the bottles under the table. There were three of us women and three men. Our new cleaning lady was called Tatyana. Of course, I tried to sit next to her. That day I was in a car and was content with a mineral water, watching with interest how relaxed my friends were becoming.
      Soon, I already hugged Tatyana by the waist, and she did not resist this at all. Since I did not drink, I ate little, and she began to feed me with her hands. But I didn’t give in, then she took the candy half in her mouth, pressing it slightly with her lips, and looked invitingly at me. I looked around and saw that almost everyone was looking at us and waiting for what would happen next. I brought my face closer to her face and our lips met. She had such soft, sensual lips that I was unable to tear myself away.
      One, we heard two, three, .. ten, .. twenty five ...
      We moved away from each other only at the count of fifty and heard our friends clap their hands. “They thought it was like a wedding,” Tatyana whispered. I just squeezed her hand tightly.
      Soon the shop manager came in and everyone started talking about upcoming work. I sat in the corner and Tatyana leaned against me, covering me with her body from others. She again had a piece of chocolate in her mouth and she offered it to me. “He will,” I whispered, and pointed at the boss. In response, she snuggled closer to me. But I was sober and it seemed that such an adventure would not be on my shoulder, but the lips themselves found her lips and we merged again in a delightful kiss. Only a few minutes later, the voices of my colleagues began to come to me, which, thank God, did not notice anything. A passion aroused in my body that I did not even suspect.
      Dinner was over and soon everyone returned to work. Only we, unable to leave, stood at the door. “What beautiful legs you have,” I said with admiration at her figure. Without exaggeration, I can say that they were really amazing.
      “Yes,” she said, and taking her hand over the edge of the dress, lifted it.
      "Can you go higher?"
      “I can,” and she lifted the dress to the very “pussy”.
      My cock was so tensed that he protruded the welder’s thick canvas pants. She, of course, noticed and came up to me, becoming close; and I felt her hand lay on the mound on my pants and began to stroke it easily. I hugged her waist, tightly pressed to me, and again our lips merged. This time she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I have not tried it yet, but I really liked it. Her fingers caressing the crotch were so affectionate that the penis was filled with sweet pain.
      “Let's go somewhere,” I whispered.
      "Is there where?"
      "Find." I went to change clothes, and she went to her room.
      Undressing to my underpants, I felt on the buttocks of someone's hand.
Turning to see Tatyana, her eyes sparkled. I dressed like in the army, in 45 seconds. And she always tried to touch my naked body. “Well, the clockwork girl,” I thought, waiting for her in the car. Soon she went out and I drove her home, despite the fact that three hours later my wife was supposed to come home.
      Near the house I bought champagne and we quickly went up to the apartment.
      I opened the bottle, took the glasses, the chocolate, took it all to the hall and sat on the couch. Tatyana examined the apartment and the chela next to me. I handed her a glass and we drank. I was already unable to restrain myself and began to passionately kiss her. Hand climbed into her panties. She was already all wet. My finger penetrated the vagina, but she suddenly pushed me and stood up. I looked at her in bewilderment, but when I saw that she was taking off her dress, I calmed down and also undressed quickly. Then he threw her onto the sofa and wanted to take possession of her right there, but she turned out and calmly laid me on my back. Smiling, she stood above me, with her right foot rested on the sofa with her knee, and with her left foot, she took my petrified member in her hand and inserted it into her hot suction hole. I could clearly see how a member enters her gap, until he stuck in her uterus. Then she laid her hands on her left knee and rocked on my cock. For a long time, of course, I could not restrain myself and soon shot her inward, as from a powerful quick-firing gun.
      Realizing that I had finished, she got off the penis and lay next to me, resting her head on my stomach, facing the penis. Hand she took my cock and looked at him. Of course, I realized that she did not finish, but what could I do. I put my right hand between the buttocks and my fingers penetrated the vagina. I decided to bring her to orgasm with my hand. And then I felt her lips on my cock. No one has yet caressed me in this way, and it was so nice that I immediately perked up and my cock immediately got stronger.
      I wriggled it under myself and we cuddled up in our arms until a convulsion of pleasure brought us together. We finished, but both of us wanted more. She again began to kiss my neck, lips, stomach, sinking lower and lower until she reached the penis. I gladly accepted this delicious affection and my cock again began to come to life, little by little. Now we were not in a hurry and began to take turns trying all the positions. The shocks were slow, as long as possible we enjoyed slowly and lasted quite a while. Tatyana could not stand it first and her vagina contracted, dousing my cock with hot juice; and here I could not stand it. We went to the bathtub and washed ourselves, and, having returned, again threw ourselves on the bed. Tatyana hugged me and again began to fumble.
      "Do you want more?" I asked. She nodded.
      "And if I can't."
      “You can,” she whispered, clutching my head to her chest. Her fingers held my hair tightly, flowing my head down.
      "As you want?" I asked, although I already understood everything.
      She just smiled at me and comfortably sitting on her back spread her legs wide. Near my mouth was her beautiful hole, which I immediately eagerly began to lick, trying to stick my tongue deeper into the vagina, then I found the clitoris and enjoyed kissing it, touching it lightly with my lips. Her whole body tensed and she squeezed my head with force, then she shook with a small trembling and froze.
      Pulling my head to her face, she began to passionately kiss me. I glanced at my watch and was horrified to see that only half an hour was left before my wife arrived. I had to hurry to dress and leave a cozy place.


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