Another bride

I found myself in a delicate, to put it mildly, position when the door to the bedroom opened and Nikolai appeared on the threshold, staring stunned at the sight that had opened to him. Olya stood on all fours, seductively putting her delicious ass to meet me. Out of all her wedding attire, a long veil remained on her, and dazzling white stockings with a belt. And I, having attached myself from behind, selflessly shoved my penis into her narrow ass ...
     Nikolay was my workmate. The day before, he invited me to be his witness at the wedding, and I agreed. I met my bride on my wedding day. At first glance, between us as if a spark had slipped. Olya belonged to the type of women who always attracted my attention, causing immodest desires. And in her wedding dress, she was so sexy that I was unbearably wanted to be in the place of the groom.
     Wedding feast went on as usual. I did not cease to admire the bride, and it didn’t slip away from me that Olga often threw interested glances in my direction. Under the influence of alcohol, the brakes in my brain began to fail, and when I was in slow dance with her, my lips themselves were pulled and lightly touched her cheeks. Olya did not react in any way, and I took this as an approval of my actions.
     And Nikolai got drunk in the insole, and, at the end of the celebration, I had to, literally, carry it into the car, and then unload it from it, lift it into the apartment. Having laid him on the sofa in the living room, I was about to say goodbye to Olga, when she, clinging to me with her whole body, whispered hotly in my ear:
     “I'm not wearing panties.”
     As if to confirm her words, I saw white fishnet panties on the dressing table. A thought flashed through:
     “And when did she manage to take them off?”
     Further I was no longer able to reason. My hands penetrated the hem of her dress, and moved along the amazing surface of her legs, stretched in nylon, up. I dreamed all night to feel her legs, imagined how sexy they look in white pantyhose! And so, as the hem of her dress rose, her slender legs opened to my eyes, causing a surge of excitement in me.
     And when my palms reached the hips, a surprise awaited me. She was not wearing pantyhose, but stockings with a belt! I felt powerful impulses of pleasure from every touch on her sexual outfit.
     Pulling her desired body onto my shoulder, I carried it to the bedroom, experiencing tremendous pleasure from the sensation of her elastic nylon hips under my palms. There I helped Olga get rid of the dress, admiring the super-sexy look of the girl. My hands began to eagerly touch her body, climbing into the most intimate places.
     Allowing me to enjoy plenty, Olga fell to her knees and, tinkering with her fly, released my member, languishing from desire, a member. A shiver ran through my body as her fingers began to stroke the swollen trunk of my phallus.
     A wave of tenderness for this girl swept over me, and I wanted to give her pleasure. Having undressed and moving Olya’s body onto the bed, I fell to her crotch, and began to stimulate the wet cave with my tongue.
     Olga all bent, making a movement of the pelvis towards my tongue. Under my very nose was her white openwork belt, supporting the stockings on her legs, and I glanced at the details of the ladies' toilet, so excitingly affecting me.
     It was time to start coitus. Tearing my tongue away from the girl’s clitoris and attaching my penis to her labia, I slowly entered, sensitively listening to my feelings.
     Awesome !!! I fucked someone else's bride in her first
wedding night !!!
     The situation is unbelievable, and therefore unbelievably exciting. I began to rhythmically pump up Olga, experiencing indescribable delight. Then he left her, asking to change his position and get on all fours (Fuck the bride in such a position - there will never be another such chance). And Olga fulfilled the request.
     My hands fell on her waist, grabbing a belt like a bridle, my phallus again dived into her cozy cave, and I began to work as a body, gently slapping her groin on her wonderful buttocks.
     I pulled up a powerful orgasm, and I, accelerating the pace as much as possible, ended up in a girl. Having tumbled down beside her, I tried to catch my breath, while my hands continued to wander around Olga's body. I especially wanted to touch and iron the stockings on her legs.
     The realization that an absolutely accessible bride of someone else was lying nearby quickly returned her desire. My phallus became firm in front of my eyes. I sat on the edge of the bed, putting Olga on my lap.
     Our lips merged, and my hands got a great opportunity to feel her legs in stockings, from touching which, the head of my penis became as full as possible.
     Unable to tolerate anymore, I lifted her body in my arms and gently lowered onto my sticking out stake, a member that fit tightly into her tight, cozy hole.
     My hands began to sway Olgino's body up and down, helping to get me a tremendously pleasant sensation. But the muscles are fast numbed by such a load, and had to change position.
     I fucked the girl in several poses, all the time being in a state of delight from the surging happiness, but the orgasm did not come. There was a desire to insert into her mouth, and I, standing on my feet in front of Olga sitting on her knees, poked the shiny head of my cock into her lips. And she, making lips with the letter “O”, leaned forward !!!
     I stood and watched this fantastically exciting sight !!! A very smart bride, in a veil, in stockings, kneels, and my cock disappears in her sensual mouth !!! It was incredibly wonderful to feel the touch of her lips and tongue on the sensitive surface of my phallus.
     I began to push my “hero” forward, trying to penetrate deeper - into the very throat of the bride. And at that moment he began to relishly shoot spitting sperm.
     The first charge, like the second, happened in Olga's mouth. The subsequent ones lay on the face and chest of the pumped out girl.
     Very tired, I fell asleep almost immediately. Woke up in the middle of the night. Seeing the sleeping, newly-made wife of his comrade nearby, I remembered everything that had happened the day before. My dick instantly rebelled. I wanted to experience such a pleasant experience again. Attaching my phallus to Olenka’s ajar mouth, I began to drive a thick head over her plump lips.
     Opening her eyes, the girl began to slowly return to reality. She seemed to have no mood in her mouth. It should be aroused, have a beauty. And I enthusiastically took action.
     Crouching on her crotch, I began to actively stimulate the labia, clitoris, anus.
     My indiscreet tongue covered all the sensitive parts of her genitals. And then I unbearably wanted to fuck Olga in the ass.
     Driven by this idea, I put the girl on all fours, entered her vagina, made several frictions, and left.
     The member directly shone from the bizarre mixture of her juices and my sperm. Having decided that my piston, covered with such a lubricant, would slip into its hollow without any problems, I put it to the closed entrance and pressed decisively. The resistance of the walls was much stronger, ...
than I expected. Olga groaned, but I could no longer be stopped. And soon I reveled in the sensations of a man whose cock was located in the narrow ass of a pretty bride on her wedding night.
     I didn’t hear the sofa in the living room creak, I didn’t hear the sound of footsteps, I didn’t see the door open, due to which Nikolai's disheveled head appeared. All my senses were aimed at perceiving the magical action that took place between me and a beautiful girl in white stockings on a belt with a veil on her head ...

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