A game

As the doctors say, there is nothing perverted if “this” brings supreme pleasure to both. The thing is that last summer, in June, a young female masochist came to see me for a week. I am twenty nine, she is five years younger than me. In the correspondence between us, I recognized her "inclinations" which she could not carry out in any way. I was afraid to admit this to her husband. After I met her at the station, we went to my place. She was not beautiful on her face, and her breasts were lowered, but on the other hand, I immediately noticed her thin waist turning into wide hips and a large rounded butt. We drank a cup of coffee with her at my house while talking about sado-masochism.
     At first it was somehow inconvenient to start. I can’t believe that my dream will come true soon, and I will play the role of master, and she will be the serf. Finally, I asked her:
      - Let's play?
      “You can,” she answered, a little embarrassed.
      - Then strip naked and lie down on this pillow with your stomach so that your buttocks are higher than the rest of your body! I ordered.
      When she undressed, a fire of voluptuousness boiled in me. Here she takes off her panties, carefully hanging them on a chair, and dutifully lies on a pillow.
      I undress and, with curiosity glancing at her ass, as strong as a nut. She, my serf, is lying flat on the bed. Eyes closed, buttocks tremble slightly, waiting for flogging. Now we are naked and the real game begins. I really feel a woman of a type like her. I know the line between voluptuousness and pain, and therefore confident in myself that I will not replay.
      I, slowly, go up to her and run a hand on her back and buttocks, which tremble. - Have your former masters flogged you? I ask. - No. “They just slapped and knelt in a corner,” she replies. - Nothing, you will quickly learn this craft from me !.
      At that moment, I slapped her palm in the ass, not very strongly at first, then vertebrally.
      As if in a spasm, she shook her whole body, emitting a slight moan.
      - Today I will teach you a good time! I'll bitch you, show where the crayfish hibernate!
      - Excuse me, sir! - as if she prays, fidgeting backwards.
      I lightly stroked her vagina and anus, while saying:
      “Now I will carve you like a Sidorov goat!” I'll wag your ass now, bitch!
      She begins to breathe faster, opening her mouth slightly and closing her eyes. She expects further action from me. I put her index finger into her vagina, it’s not dry anymore. I take out my finger and wipe it with gauze. After I take the belt and tie her hands tightly, then with another belt - and legs. She is waiting.
      “Well then, let's begin!” Now I will pour you, you will dance with me, bitch! - I condemn and take a special belt that sounds good when spanking, but gives little pain. (It turns out very spectacularly. It seems that the "victim" is actually very painful ...)
      I order first to kiss the “maid” belt: she does it very gently, as if she is kissing her beloved. Her bound hands are extended forward.
      - So you say that you never sacked?
      - No!
      At this moment, I drive a belt along her back and go out.
      - Nothing! You will become silk with me! I will tear you every day! I will give you, lousy! ..
I continue to stroke her ass with a belt, slowly leading him over his naked body. But suddenly I swung
and hit the buttocks. She gasped, startled. I hit three more, but harder. She wagged backwards. Pause.
      Easy moaning. Five more strokes - and again a pause. All this time I scolded her with rather rude words, exciting her more and more. She longs for punishment. This is evident from her.
      - Now pray, bitch! “I hit ten hard shots.”
      Her butt turned red. Then I let her kiss the belt again. She kisses him in a fit. After that, I take her by the hair and order her to put my penis in her mouth. She readily does this as well. I whip her belt on her ass, which she wags in ecstasy. I give ten strokes.
      After a minute I untie her legs, she kneels. She spreads her legs to the sides .. I slap her bosom with my palm across the right hemisphere (a couple of times), this excites us both even more. Then I direct my finger into the vagina. She drives backwards in a circle, clinging to her finger.
      A minute later I introduce my dick there.
      She is all shaking and groaning with happiness. At the same time, I insult her, lashing my palm on my thighs. About every five frictions I stop and freeze. But she wants more, spinning like a yule. This goes on for five minutes; I do frictions, then freeze. She has already finished several times and wants more. But I take out my penis and grab the belt again.
      Again, five strokes, and a pause. She kisses the belt again, asking her to "spare." And again I do five hits.
      She is in seventh heaven, so am I. Five minutes later, she again has a couple of orgasms (a very orgasmic woman), but I do not want to finish the pleasure yet, and everything repeats as before. Then I have an orgasm with her. (She has the sixth or seventh one ...) Her ass is on fire, she is lying on her stomach, and I nibble and kiss her ass, striped to a red-blue shade with a belt. Game over…
      As she later confessed to me, at the cross-section she experienced orgasm, also orgasm and oral sex. "A mixture of pain and humiliation, pain with intercourse - the highest pleasure for me!" she admitted after.
      One day on the third day of our games, when I beat her with a belt, she asked me to cut her with rods, but not very much. We tried willow twigs. I sec her ass with a bundle of five rods. She was also delighted. “I’m more excited from the rods than from the belt, because the whistling of the rods is more sophisticated for me,” she said. I tried to tear her and nettles. Then her whole butt becomes pimple.
      Acne disappears about twenty hours later ...
      And the best combination: belt - nettle - rods.
      This I understand, this wow! "The buzz is indescribable!" she vows to me. After our games with her, she became ordinary, like all women. She was in a good mood, as I helped her with her erotic fantasies. I was also happy this week. And then she left for her.
      I think that punishment games do no harm to others. (Unless, of course, people have brains).
      Another thing, I think, is with real sadists who do not need an act at all. These are already people of a different plan (like Chikatilo). But in general, I think that if he had read books on this topic, he would not have become a maniac. After all, usually people are attracted to what they know little about, or what the law forbids reading from (forbade reading).
      We all have small “shifts” in orientation towards sex, some more, others less. Usually a maniac does not admit what he is thinking. I’m not a maniac at all, but simply an aggressive type of man. Of which millions ...
      Therefore, I am not afraid to admit my fantasies. And what is described above by me is true truth, and not an onanist’s fiction. I am looking for a woman with sado-masochistic inclinations. It would be interesting to try to switch roles (or play the master one day, and the slave the other). Masoch wrote well because he himself was like that. De Sade writes harshly, too rudely for my fantasies. He somehow does everything at once ...


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