Our mother died early, and my father raised me and my sister. He never married again. Devoting all his time to our education and work. We loved him very much and are infinitely grateful to him for everything. A couple of years ago a new woman appeared in our house, or rather, my wife Lena. My sister welcomed her warmly and her father loved her very much. He says that she is strikingly like a mother and exactly the same as her mother was when she met her father. It is not for nothing that they say that boys subconsciously look for wives of women similar to their mothers. Lena likewise liked my family. She said that my father in his 42 years looks very young and amazingly charming. In general, we have healed amicably and peacefully. Lena is an unusually beautiful and charming girl, whom men turn around on the street, and also very sexy. Therefore, I was not surprised that my father looked at her like an ordinary man, especially when she went out into the kitchen in the morning in a short light robe to her naked body. I admit that it even amused me. And somewhere around a year of our life together, the following incident occurred. On Sundays, from morning to earlier, I usually went to play football, and the rest of the household loved to sleep off to the limit. And on one of the summer Sundays, I woke up, but I felt that my stomach was very sore, and it was not pulling to play me, but it was pulling me to a completely different place. The wife and father were sleeping, and the sister was in the country. I went to the restroom and sat there for about fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, I hear, my father woke up and went into the kitchen. After a couple of minutes, I realized that Lena also woke up, who also reached for a sip of coffee. Immediately, I heard that my father asked about me and received the answer that I was chasing football as usual. Then came some strange whispers, giggles and the noise of fuss. I decided to play naive “guys” and quietly left the temporary “shelter”, especially since my stay there was useless and the constipation did not go away. Sneaking up to the kitchen, I carefully glanced there through the ajar door, intending to surprise my household, and froze in amazement. The following picture was opened to my gaze: my beloved wife stood with her elbows on the kitchen table, in a dressing gown on her back, with legs wide apart and blissfully moaning because my own father was standing behind her with his panties down and selflessly put his dick in it ! In the first seconds I could not believe my own eyes. I admitted that such a beautiful girl, like Lena, in a certain situation can allow herself to be weak and sin with another man, but in my house, and even with my own father-in-law: I could not imagine, of course. Of course, thoughts of a vile double treason burst into my mind: after all, not only my wife “gave me horns,” but my dad didn’t act in the best way: I could burst at the same moment and make a huge scandal, but suddenly surfaced in my head father’s words that Lena reminds him so much of his mother. I looked at him again and saw such a happy face that I had not seen in my entire previous life.

Then I looked at my wife, who, with no less bliss, gave herself to him. I thought that all my life my father thought only about us and, for sure, limited himself to many earthly pleasures, and here he, perhaps for the first time in many years, receives such pleasure. It is possible that he, indeed, in these seconds represented himself with our mother. I lost all anger and realized that this second to my two closest and dearest people was unusually good, why should it annoy me or resent me? Then I looked at what was happening with completely different eyes. At this point, dad completely took off his robe from Lena, and she remained completely naked. Until that moment, I had never seen my wife during sexual joy from the side. And it turned out to be an unusually exciting sight. Her delicious ass was gracefully poked out to meet her partner, and her breasts defiantly swayed in time with his jerks. The finale was magnificent: my beloved, gasping loudly, thrashed in convulsions of an orgasm, after which she squatted in front of her father-in-law and brought him to ecstasy with her gentle mouth, having drunk all the sperm sprinkled into it! I admit that peeping over this picture, I almost finished.
     Yes, I did not start a showdown, but I did not pretend that I was not in the know. I revealed my presence after it was all over and after an unusual conversation we all came to an equally unusual decision. Lena still loved me and the connection with her father-in-law was only a pleasant addition to their good relationship. The father, in truth, saw in Lena the image of our mother, and her seductive young body evoked a natural male desire from him. In short, for the past year now, we have been happily living in such relationships when both my father and I are Lena's sexual partners. Of course, we do not sleep in the same bed. My sister, most likely, does not know about our family secret, but when she is not at home, my father can, even with me, look into the shower to Lena and not at all to wash herself. Lena sometimes in the morning, while I sleep, leaves to soak in bed with my father-in-law and then getting up, I can enjoy continuing to “excite me” my beloved wife and beloved dad. Lena says that she is unusually pleased with this situation: getting in bed with me pleasure from a young temperament, enthusiasm and sensuality based on love, and with her father-in-law from experience, tenderness and some feeling of forbiddenness. In truth, such a relationship is far from ordinary and, in addition to being 20 years younger than him, he is also almost a father to her. After all, having entered our house, she called him dad. And now, climbing into his bed, Lena playfully says: “Daddy, I’m coming to you! Caress me. ”And he echoes her, launching a tongue between her legs:“ What a wet and sweet little daughter I have! ”
     Recently, I have been thinking that it would be interesting for my father and I to try to simultaneously appease our lustful slut and hope that I will find agreement with the rest.

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