Winter has passed, hibernation has ended, and with the first spring warmth, those desires suddenly woke up in her that seemingly fell asleep forever:      It was only a few fleeting hours, but they were like those rays of the sun from which life awakens.      - With what toe kiss you? From small or large? As you want? Lie down and do nothing - I will do everything myself!      It was seven hours without a break, without cigarettes, without music, without everything, only his body - affectionate, supple, which guessed her every desire. Proximity for one night and all, without talking or promises:      “Stop it, I can take a long time,” and she finished.      “What do you want,” he asked her, “Nothing:      She did not want anything - everything was at that moment, there was everything that was needed: a man who was with her as one. This could be expected for a year and two or more.      She knew the price of sex - this was rare, a standard phrase, but for that night one could live in abstinence for a long time, not counting her husband, of course. But it was new, and the husband is a well-studied, jagged favorite poem, sounding differently each time, read in different moods and in different situations, but alas: you already know it by heart. Let no one agree with me, but this is my opinion.      By the way, I was with my lover in the room, and he was lying on the couch in the kitchen - he understood that I needed such a shake-up of my sexuality: And then he was jealous of her, and she was all in memories - she was pleased to remember her hands, her tongue everywhere and in her whole body: The husband was near and from this she was calm.      Imagine the situation - if it were a single woman. That would not be so. She needed the young man for only a few hours and she gave him as much as can be given only one and the last time. The second time was gone and couldn’t be. He would not be like that anymore: In my discussions at the moment there is no humor, sadness in them, just not pain and not feelings.      Good is so rare when you’re not expecting it at all. Do not force yourself - if your eyes light up and you feel: here it is, He will give me, and I will give Him - take it, be frank with your body, you will not be forced to open your state of mind. Behind the revelation of your body, you will feel the revelations of the soul.

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